“People On Board” is a people management advisory office based in Zurich, specialized in leadership practices and development, company culture, colleagues engagement, mentoring and networking.


We develop custom solutions to support small and medium size organizations embrace modern people management practices, adapted to today’s evolving work environment.


We remove barriers and blocks to higher performance and generate business success in a dynamic, fun and collaborative work atmosphere.


Our results are geared towards developing team leadership, increasing their performance, improving internal communication and lowering team-members’ turnover.


“People On Board” is operating internationally and intervenes using multiple communication medium, from face to face to online and group to individual. Each channel is carefully chosen to match the assignment’s objectives and answer to the expectations and needs of our clients.


Working with organizations



People & Culture


With our international and cross industry experience, we help organizations design or reaffirm their strategic foundations, through a clear formulation of their value proposition, mission and vision. The approach can take classic  steps, such as the one below, or be fully modeled on the organization's complexity


  1. Assess and review organizational structure with a focus on growth and development
  2. Research and recommend alternatives when needed
  3. Establish a road map enabling change


We also help build, consolidate or redefine any organizations' people management framework, review their communication channels and ensure they are adapted to the current and coming industry trends, as well as to team members working locally and internationally.


To grasp the finesse and complexity of organizations, we normally start by sitting in meetings as silent observers of team dynamics and participants' individual behaviors. Our findings are then presented and discussed and the outcome used to build plans to increase productivity in meetings, groups and individual interactions.




Employer branding


We support our clients in the development of a strong employer brand, using our broad global experience of the topic, incorporating the main elements of their activities, and specificities about culture and vision into it.


This will translate it into a strong employee value proposition (EVP) communicated to their network, and to the outside world. In using all existing digital as well as more traditional channels, we will position our client as one great employer to work with, helping attract new talents as well as retain and develop existing ones.




Leadership development


We are experts in advising and coaching leaders, giving them the keys to manage individuals and teams, and embrace a leadership style in line with today’s teams and business expectations


We mentor professionals at all levels of the organization, from colleagues level to executive, and guide them on how to remove barriers to effective communication, improve relationships, build and increase individual and team’s efficiency




A la carte (interim) services


We enjoy stepping in any type of organization to complete interim and temporary mandates. These specific assignments are available for organizations to benefit from the know-how of a professional people and culture executive in-house. Mandates' length can vary from weeks to months, depending on the  specifications and objectives set together with the organization.


As examples, our advices would efficiently and effectively benefit organizations who are facing temporary challenging situations in the fields of:


  • People & Culture management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Enabling change


or in any other transformational or restructuring activities, where we are able to set-up the foundation for a better managed organization



As some organizations may not necessarily need a full-time executive in charge of People & Culture on board all the time, we also intervene as shared resources.


This means that we are available to perform tasks mentioned on this page, for just a defined number of days per month, helping organizations manage and develop their teams as well as increase engagement levels, without carrying the burden of a full-time people and culture executive on their payroll.





Working with individuals



Individuals can greatly benefit from our professional services


Keynote speaker


Our keynote presentation "Colleagues engagement, from Awareness to Zeal" has been the most frequently requested by our audiences and interlocutors until now.


This original presentation can be customized to the needs of every organization. The keynote is delivered in a dynamic, motivating and humorous way, and tackles various topics leading to high engagement, with real examples and best practices covering but not limited to the areas of:


  • Employee engagement, People & Culture, Team leadership, Mergers & Acquisitions, Communication and Enabling change


Alternatively, if your organization provides us with a specific topic you would like to see addressed in a keynote presentation, we will happy to prepare and deliver it, answering your specific needs.


See a five minutes condensed - and a bit stressed - version of “Colleagues Engagement, from Awareness to Zeal” delivered at DisruptHR Zurich below.


"Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future".


Walt Disney

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